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Professional Services - Certified Technical Expertise!

FICO TONBELLER consulting helps customers analyze and identify technical issues in computer-based CGR and provide conceptual solutions. Our customers have especially appreciated the following topics:

  • Financial compliance & control:
    For us, compliance management systems do not only consist of software but comprise organizational and procedural prerequisites to meet statutory requirements and support the industry's self-commitment or ethics. Effective and efficient compliance management systems that prevent legal prosecution and sanctions therefore must be based on thorough due diligence, continuous monitoring, and process control.
  • Fraud prevention:
    We are not only specialized in identifying and preventing ID, credit/debit card and cash dispenser fraud, bribery, acceptance of illegal benefits and other corruption crimes (breach of trust, balance manipulation) but also provide extensive expertise in the fight against market misuse, insider trading, and financing of terrorism.
  • Risk management:
    Companies are obliged to implement compliance and sanction risk measures for managers and their reports. This is where the integrated risk assessment approach of FICO TONBELLER sets in. Our consultants also help customers assess risks and create risk analyses or review their systems on a regular basis in order to be well prepared for special audits of the authorities.