Integration Services | FICO TONBELLER

Integration Services - Efficient Operation in Diverse IT Environments!

Technology-oriented integration services are conducted by IT and product specialists of FICO TONBELLER. Our IT and computer specialists turn technical concepts into reality and integrate efficient solutions with existing IT environments. Integration services include:

  • Software integration & implementation:
    The full application and tool portfolio of FICO TONBELLER is implemented with the system and process environment by our integration services experts in accordance with individual requirements. No matter how heterogeneous your architecture, how dispersed your system environment and how diverse your security aspects – with more than 40 years of experience in the field of system integration we can master any challenge. Long-term satisfied customers are the best evidence for that.
  • Management intelligence & reporting:
    Our integration services experts for visualization and analytics use the tools of the FICO TONBELLER product portfolio to realize efficient management information and early-warning systems for the top management as well as for individual business divisions and specialized departments including simulation and optimization.
  • Big data & data warehousing:
    For many decades, our integration specialists have been designing data marts and data warehouses. Our customers check several millions of financial transaction a day. They create suspicious activity reports for money laundering or comply with requirements from reporting and resident registration, e.g. in the tax compliance field. Incredible data volumes, structured and unstructured, standard, custom or deviation reports, risk simulation, stress tests, data mining, fuzzy logic and sequential analyses of transaction data (complex event processing) are buzzwords we rarely talk about though big data and data warehousing is part of our daily business.