Your Expectations Meet our Experience and Expertise

Professional Services, Integrations Services, Project Management

As a full-service provider for GRC management, FICO TONBELLER provides comprehensive professional, integration and project management services for efficient implementation of the customer's requirements. Our consultants support enterprises from the most diverse industry segments:

  • Finance: Banks, insurance companies, and other financial service providers
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing enterprises of consumer goods and industrial products
  • Retail: From mailorder business to retail trading with branch offices
  • Public: From federal authorities and community data-processing centers to universities

Our consultants are money-laundering officers, certified public accountants, lawyers, certified fraud, compliance and project managers, computer specialists, certified compliance managers, certified project managers, computer specialists and business consultants – who all have long-standing experience and numerous other skills.

FICO TONBELLER services are divided into three sections:

  • Professional Services: Analyze and identify technical issues and provide conceptual solutions. Our consultants also help customers assess risks, create risk analyses or review their systems on a regular basis in order to be well prepared for special audits by the authorities.
  • Integration Services: Our IT and computer specialists turn technical concepts into reality and integrate efficient solutions with existing IT environments.
  • Project Management: Our experienced generalists with project management skills orchestrate multidisciplinary teams to provide solutions within the stipulated period, quality, and budget and to start operation.