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Methods – Favorable Winds Do not Help if the Destination is Unknown

"If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable" Seneca once said. Apart from specifying the destination, navigation is critical. This makes methods so essential for sustainable success. Accordingly, we have integrated best practices from numerous projects in many standard trainings and courses for our customers. Further customized courses and workshops can be held by FICO TONBELLER consultants. We also focus on methods at FICO TONBELLER, for instance:

  • Compliance systems
  • Enterprise management systems
  • Decision-oriented visualization of information
  • Risk analyses
  • Prevention of fraud and corruption

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Workshop "Fit for Audit"

Training Contents

Being obliged to create and update their risk analysis in order to prevent money laundering, financing of terrorism and other crimes, financial institutions are facing the challenge of operating research systems that comply with the requirements for external audits. The course is for money-laundering officers and aims at the optimization of the efficiency and effectiveness of the FICO TONBELLER products Siron®AML and Siron®KYC.

Check, explanation, and optimization of:

  • Permissions
  • Settings
  • Reference lists
  • Risk assessment
  • Watch list matching
  • Customer white lists
  • Scenario variables and scenario variables
  • Documentation


2-5 days (depending on the company)

In-house course, workshop at the customer

Workshop „Proof of Concept Management Cockpit and Pilot“

Training Contents

Our customers appreciate our proof-of-concept workshop as an efficient variant to conceptualize their management cockpit and to get to know the options provided by Siron®ECD. Each project is specifically designed and thus requires adjustments to the customer needs. Based on a joint analysis of the starting point and the envisaged goals and own experience, FICO TONBELLER helps you build a measure model that forms the basis of the management cockpit pilot. This ensures that investments are targeted and successful and that the risk of introducing the system is kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Topic definition
  • KPI modeling
  • Data supply
  • Validation
  • Kick-off workshop
  • Pilot implementation
  • Presentation of the results
  • Documentation


5-10 days

Partly in-house course, workshop at the customer, remote services included