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FICO TONBELLER Solutions for Governance, Risk & Compliance

Solutions for Governance, Risk and Compliance

The GRC approach of FICO TONBELLER is the adequate response to business challenges in an increasingly interconnected world. Our IT systems and know-how helps our customers:

  • Comply with external and internal regulatory requirements
  • Identify, record, and process regulatory infringements
  • Achieve transparency in their business relations in an international environment
  • Identify and record business risks
  • Plan, initiate, and track measures
  • Take strategic decisions regarding risk and compliance
  • Extract management information from dispersed systems, prepare it and make it available to the management

Added value through integrated IT systems
By connecting the fields of governance, risk & compliance, organizations avoid damage to their businesses or reputation and gain a sustainable competitive edge. Since our solutions integrate GRC functions with the specialized departments, local business units, and IT systems, they add value for the corporate management. Day in day out, our approach and our systems provide evidence of the efficiency of this integrated approach in the most stringently regulated financial service industries.

Standard software – yet flexible
Our standard solutions not only meet the needs for fast implementation, certified compliance with statutory regulations, and high performance and productivity. Our solutions may also be adapted to structures, processes, IT systems, and corporate guidelines and can be integrated into the companies' GRC environment. This generates highest efficiency in the compliance environment.