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TONBELLER Receives Leading Analyst Award - Best Price - Performance Ratio in Anti-Money-Laundering Solutions

CEB TowerGroup Report named TONBELLER a “Best-in-Class” Vendor for Enterprise Support.

Bensheim, Germany / Boston, USA, February 25, 2013 – TONBELLER AG, one of the leading global providers of integrated governance, risk & compliance solutions receives best-in-class award for Enterprise Support by CEB TowerGroup analysts for its Siron®AML as part of the TONBELLER Siron®Compliance Solutions Suite in last year's anti-money laundering technology report. TONBELLER also gets very good marks in the categories detection tools, user experience, and enterprise operations. From the TONBELLER management's perspective, this award endorses the company's product strategy. Due to its growing international market presence and customer base, Siron®Compliance Solutions Suite offers innovative and established solutions for the fight against white-collar and financial crime that helps financial service providers and industrial companies comply with the statutory requirements in accordance with the strategy while focusing on efficient risk management. A summary of the study that compares the most important providers of anti-money-laundering solutions is available for interested employees from banks, insurance companies and the industry on request via TONBELLER´ s website.

“Money laundering is an area of high importance for banks and regulators where fines for non-compliance can run into the billions of dollars,” said CEB TowerGroup research director Andy Schmidt. “Leading vendors in this space will have the product and deployment flexibility to support their clients’ compliance needs across multiple jurisdictions, as well as the clear product development vision needed to achieve a long-term strategic fit.”

Well-Designed Compliance Strategy and Technologically Advanced
In its summary of providers, CEB TowerGroup states: “With its large installed client base, Tonbeller’s 10 year-old Siron®AML displays its maturity through a refined approach to AML compliance management and a strong set of detection tools. The solution possesses a comprehensive set of AML detection scenarios out-of-the-box and provides a dedicated research module that enables AML analysts to identify new money laundering schemes and translate them into detection scenarios. We also gave Siron®AML high marks for its well thought out compliance strategy, which enabled multinational banks to enforce a single AML standard across multiple regulatory jurisdictions. Despite Tonbeller’s relatively small size, we thought the Siron®AML solution’s large client base, flexible deployment offering, and strong service support package merited a “Best-in-Class” rating for Enterprise Support. While the solution’s workflow management is not yet as flexible as those of other top systems, Tonbeller has already planned an update for 2013 to become more competitive in this capability.”

"This outstanding technical rating shows that Siron®AML is most likely the product with the best price–performance ratio on the market. As best-in-class vendor for enterprise support, our solutions help financial service providers and industrial companies achieve their strategic goals and manage their risks while meeting the compliance requirements. Multi-national banks choose our solutions because we integrate the requirements from governance and risk management, meet the compliance requirements, and provide a holistic solution approach. This gives decisive competitive edge to our customers. Small and medium institutions benefit from the scalability of our solutions, which can be used as modules and are extremely flexible", says Torsten Mayer, managing director of TONBELLER AG.

About TONBELLER's Siron®Compliance Solutions Suite:
Siron®Compliance Solutions Suite of TONBELLER AG is a modular and integrated software solution that prevents money laundering, fraud, market misuse, and the financing of terrorism. It also fulfills the requirements of the Know Your Customer principle, identifies politically exposed people, monitors compliance with embargo and sanction lists (SWIFT Ready Application), assesses company risks and offers holistic risk & compliance cockpits. It integrates requirements from governance and risk management and meets the compliance guidelines.

TONBELLER is a leading global provider of integrated solutions for governance, risk & compliance. Based on the Siron® product family, TONBELLER AG develops and implements standardized and individual solutions against financial and white-collar crime and for risk management and monitoring, analysis, and reporting. This expertise helps organizations comply with regulations in accordance with the company's strategy and its efficient risk management and secures competitive advantages. The combination of innovative software technology, state-of-the-art consultancy and customer support, creates high-performance GRC applications that prove their efficiency at more than 1000 customers from the most stringently regulated industries. The global partner network makes TONBELLER solutions and expertise available in over 50 countries.