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TONBELLER is Microsoft Partner for Compliance Solutions from the Azure Cloud

Siron® Anti-Financial Crime Solutions as service from the cloud: secure, profitable, and flexible.

Bensheim, 08/05/2014. TONBELLER, internationally leading provider of software solutions against financial and white-collar crime, is one of the first companies in the industry to use Microsoft's cloud computing platform. All applications of Siron® Anti-Financial Crime Solutions can be operated from the cloud and have been successfully tested on the Azure platform. With this step, TONBELLER extends its portfolio in cloud computing thereby responding to the increasing demand for compliance solution services through the internet.

TONBELLER customers may install the software on their servers or use it as an Azure-based service. As one of the fastest growing cloud platforms, Azure provides a powerful infrastructure that has proven its worth in companies around the world.

The new cloud service grants customers a tailored access to cloud computing and covers the most various demands in terms of customization, system integration, and process support. Compliance solutions may be fully operated in the virtual private cloud or in the hybrid cloud. In hybrid scenarios, for instance, selected components requiring high computing power are hosted in the virtual private cloud, whereas other components are hosted in-house. Among the services of TONBELLER apart from the operation, belong application monitoring and automated updates.

Compliance solutions from the cloud are of particular interest for small and medium-sized banks, insurance companies, and industrial firms, since investment in hardware and software and installation and configuration is not required. The software can be used immediately and is always up-to-date. Customers may focus on business and compliance topics instead of tackling with technical issues. Larger organizations, however, also benefit from cloud computing by accelerating the solution roll-out and by easily adapting and scaling their IT resources.

"We have opted for Microsoft Azure, because this platform meets the highest requirements in terms of security, performance, and availability and because the solutions based on it are compliant with data protection standards. It also has the necessary flexibility to perfectly realize various cloud models and is supported by a global growing network of Microsoft computer centers. Applications from the cloud provide our customers with interesting opportunities to reduce expenses and the total cost of ownership for compliance," says Dr. Sebastian Hetzler, Managing Director of TONBELLER.

In the German-speaking world, TONBELLER has a long-standing collaboration with GETAF and Bank-Verlag. Both service partners look back on many years of experience in the financial-services industry and provide highly available operating environments in computer centers protected according to the banking standard.