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TONBELLER AG holds Financial Crime Prevention event on May 24th 2012 in Luxembourg City

Experts provide first-hand information on implementing an effective and integrated compliance management system, Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism Financing and Know Your Customer principle.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Bensheim, Germany, May 10th, 2012 – TONBELLER has set up a half day event in the afternoon of May 24th in Luxembourg City, Légère Premium Hôtel Luxembourg to inform about how organizations can deal with the latest developments in the fight against financial crime and the impacts of the national anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism financing (CTF) legislations.

The event brings together compliance experts, customers and interested parties to discuss the latest regulatory developments and impacts of the Luxembourg regulation on the local financial institutes and the best practice approach to fulfill these requirements.

Topics covered are practical insights from risk assessment to ongoing customer due diligence (know your customer principle), monitoring risk and compliance management processes as well as anti-money laundering best practices, PEP screening and watch list management.

TONBELLER will be joined by its partner Bureau van Dijk for an overview of how to identify the beneficial owner and the shareholding structure during customer acceptance. The event will be completed by Schroders Luxembourg who will speak about the revised FATF recommendations and their effect on the financial industry in Luxembourg also covering the focus of 4th FATF mutual evaluation round.

Participants will benefit from the opportunity to discuss the obstacles compliance officers face and how to overcome them, learn about new solution offerings and recognize how to leverage current investments in compliance technologies. The concluding get together after the event is an ideal opportunity to network and get practical hints from our compliance experts.
TONBELLERs compliance solutions portfolio and international experience, with over 850 installations in 50 countries paired with broad national and international experience in offering consulting and services, leverages high synergies.

This allows organizations to put a reliable, cost-effective and highly automated solution in place quickly. Further benefits are compliance with local regulations, protection from sanctions and relief from manual work.

TONBELLER is an international software and consulting company that supports over 1000 clients in 50 countries. In close cooperation with its global partner network TONBELLER meets regional needs regarding know-how and customer expectations. TONBELLERs cross-platform solutions consist of specialized consulting, applications for the fight against financial crime, and tools to manage complex and dynamic decision processes. Sustainability in leadership and software development is an integral part of the company culture, founds the basis for a long-term customer relationship and protects investments. TONBELLER solutions help to manage complex and dynamic data, minimize risk and comply with legal requirements. Through innovative technology and consulting, TONBELLER over 100 highly qualified and specialized employees secure productive deployment and operation of the solutions. TONBELLER is located in Bensheim, Germany. For further information, visit

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