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TONBELLER AG and SIA CENTRAL EUROPE team up to support Hungarian and other regional organizations with their compliance initiatives and fight against financial crime

Anti money laundering, prevention of terrorism financing, investor care and know your customer principles are crucial for compliance success.

Budapest, Hungary, Bensheim, Germany, September 29th, 2011 – TONBELLER has teamed up with SIA CENTRAL EUROPE, the Hungarian subsidiary of SIA (European leader in financial services and payments systems), to support Hungarian organizations in their compliance initiatives to grant the investor care and to deal with developments and impacts of the anti money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism financing (CTF) legislations

Local Laws and legislations
In late 2007 the 3rd EU Money-Laundering Directive was implemented into national Hungarian law by the new Act CXXXVI On the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. An efficient and integrated compliance strategy is now becoming a crucial competitive factor. Apart from the obligation to comply with legal requirements, organizations are able to avoid damage of their reputation and therefore prevent customer and business loss as well as economic damage of other customers and shareholders by putting a resilient solution into place.

Streamline Compliance processes, lower operating expenses, comply with laws and regulations
TONBELLER and SIA Central Europe will support banks, insurances, financial service providers and other organizations like lawyers, notaries and others who are obliged to comply with Hungarian regulation requirements in the area of financial crime prevention. Both companies offer innovative services: SIA-EAGLE from SIA, a modular solution for capital markets compliance (market abuse, MiFID, conflict of interests and personal dealing management) and the Siron® Compliance Solutions portfolio from TONBELLER including modular, integrated software for anti-money laundering, counter terrorism financing, fraud detection as well as managing the initial risk rating during customer acceptance (Know Your Customer - KYC principle).

TONBELLERs compliance solutions portfolio and international experience, with over 1000 installations in 50 countries paired with the broad national experience SIA CENTRAL EUROPE offering consulting and services, leverages high synergies.
This gives customers interested parties the possibility to quickly put a reliable, cost-effective and highly automated solution in place that complies with the regulations, provides protection from sanctions and frees the responsible departments and employees from manual work. It enables companies to effectively counter new developments in money laundering and other financial crimes.

TONBELLER and SIA Central Europe today jointly hold an event in Budapest on Compliance focused on financial crime prevention to start their initatives and to inform compliance officers and all other interested parties on the latest industry topics and innovations in financial crime prevention. Guest speakers from Deloitte, OTP Bank and Unicredit Bank Hungary gave a detailed insight on the latest developments in the financial sector focusing on risk assessment, market surveillance and the fight against financial crime. Business cases, best practices, practical examples and regulatory updates that come along with their daily works were presented.

“We are very pleased to expand the cooperation with TONBELLER to Hungary and the region particularly in the range of products and services of anti-money laundering. This is part of a broader initiative to strengthen our presence in this strategic area. In addition to the traditional businesses of card processing, payment and networking services, we are now placing great emphasis on the area of compliance, focusing on our solutions and others from market leaders, such as TONBELLER’s ones” stated Fabrizio Canedoli, CEO of SIA Central Europe Zrt.
“Our Compliance solutions help organizations in streamlining processes, lowering operating expenses and comply with the national laws and regulations effectively. Leveraging from our long-term experience and numerous projects worldwide we are looking forward to teaming up with SIA Central Europe that has broad knowledge to help customers improve their compliance processes faster and achieve their business goals,” stated Torsten Mayer, Managing Director of TONBELLER AG.

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About SIA Central Europe and SIA
SIA Central Europe, the Hungarian subsidiary of SIA, offers innovative and competitive technology solutions in the field of payments for financial institutions and corporates, in accordance with the requirements of compliance to European standards (e.g. SEPA, PSD).

The company with headquarters in Budapest represents the hub of the SIA Group in Central Europe, more specifically being the "competence center" for ATM and POS terminals management and transactions switching.
The activities of SIA Central Europe focus on full processing (issuing and acquiring) of transactions with debit/credit, prepaid, loyalty, gift and fuel cards, terminal management and value-added services, compliance and reporting with innovative technology platforms for surveillance and network services for connectivity and messaging via the SIAnet broadband infrastructure.

SIA, European leader in financial services and payments systems, provides technology solutions to banks, corporates, public administration bodies and central institutions in the areas of credit and debit card processing, collections and payments and network services for connectivity and messaging. SIA Group is currently present in around 40 countries and also operates through its subsidiaries in Belgium, Hungary and South Africa. With 7.5 billion transactions annually relating to cards, collections and payments, 62.4 million cards managed and 9.2 billion transactions on financial markets, SIA carries 11.1 thousand billion bytes of data on the network. The Group is made up of seven companies: the parent SIA, the Italian companies Pi4Pay (collection and payment services), RA Computer (solutions and applications for banks, businesses and P.A.), and TSP (systems and services for companies and P.A.), SiNSYS (card processing) in Belgium, Perago (infrastructures for central banks) in South Africa and SIA Central Europe (transactions processing and ATM/POS terminal management) in Hungary. For more information, go to:

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