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TONBELLER AG and Net.Bit support Macedonian organizations in their fight against financial crime

Anti Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism Financing, Anti-Fraud and Know Your Customer - Conference and user group to be held on November 15th 2011 in Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje, Macedonia, Bensheim, Germany, November 2nd, 2011 – TONBELLER has joined forces with their partner Net.Bit and has intensified their successful partnership to support Macedonian organizations to deal with the latest developments in fighting financial crime and the impacts of the national anti money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism financing (CTF) legislations. Therefore both companies will hold a conference and a user group roundtable on November 15th 2011 in the Vodenica Mulino Restaurant in Skopje.

The conference and user group roundtable brings together compliance experts and customers from all over Macedonia to discuss the latest regulatory developments and impacts of the Macedonian regulation on the local financial institutes, the best practice approach to fulfill these requirements as well as the latest trends on the fight against financial crime.

At this event, customers and interested parties will have the opportunity to discuss the obstacles compliance officers face and how to overcome them, learn about new solution offerings, recognize how to leverage current investments in compliance technologies and hear from a Macedonian customer on its specific compliance case.

It will be a full day event where in the morning session all interested parties will have the opportunity to get information on challenges and issues to achieve compliance with Macedonian anti-money-laundering (AML) law and best practices in developing and implementing an effective AML system. Topics will span from Know your customer – customer acceptance as the first line of defense against financial crime to screening of politically exposed persons, sanction-/watch- list management and how to manage a complete anti-money laundering program on a single platform.

In the afternoon the user roundtable brings together customers from Macedonia to exchange knowledge and project ideas with their industry peers. Topics will be TONBELLERs vision and mission in the area of compliance solutions, detailed information on the account opening and know your customers process, TONBELLERs new risk and compliance cockpit, how to expand the financial crime strategy with sanction lists monitoring, market surveillance, fraud detection as well as a detailed outlook on TONBELLERS Siron® Compliance solutions roadmap for 2012.

Net.Bit and TONBELLER will show how both companies can help organizations to deal with the various issues and developments in the area of fighting financial crime.

TONBELLERs compliance solutions portfolio and international experience, with over 850 installations in 50 countries paired with the broad national experience of Net.Bit in offering consulting and services, leverages high synergies.
This offers interested organizations the possibility to quickly put a reliable, cost-effective and highly automated solution in place that complies with the regulations, provides protection from sanctions and frees the responsible departments and employees from manual work.