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Siron®Embargo re-certified for SWIFT Network

The sanction-list monitoring software Siron®Embargo again has been awarded with the SWIFT Ready Application Alliance Add-On by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). This certification proves that the solution complies with all SWIFT standards and guarantees connectivity with SWIFT payments.

Siron®Embargo is a software for identifying people and organisations that are subject to sanctions. With the real-time monitoring of payment transactions, Siron®Embargo detects and stops all transactions whose sender/receiver data matches entries in the sanction lists (e.g. names or aliases of terrorists, terrorist organisations and criminals). Transactions which have become suspicious because of a match are stopped by Siron®Embargo and passed to the compliance officer with all the details for immediate analysis in the integrated Case Management. Unsuspicious transactions are released immediately and returned to the payment-transaction process.

For more detailed information on Siron®Embargo please go here.