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Siron®FD/R – Powerful Anti-Fraud in Real-Time

New solution perfectly protects against fraud thanks to Complex Event Processing.

Bensheim, 10/Oct/2014. TONBELLER, internationally leading provider of software solutions against financial and white-collar crime, launches Siron®FD/R, a cutting-edge real-time solution that detects and prevents the most various fraud scenarios. TONBELLER will present the details of the solution during a European roadshow.

Siron®FD/R provides new options for Fraud and Compliance Officers for early and better detection of fraudulent actions. Suspicious transactions and processes may be analyzed in real-time and prevented before the damage occurs. For instance, Siron®FD/R may protect banks from illicit account access, insurance companies from unauthorized claims, and trade and industrial companies from attacks on eCommerce processes.

Complex Event Processing (CEP)
One of the most salient features of Siron®FD/R is its capability of reproducing acts of fraud and, thanks to CEP, unmasking fraudulent intentions within seconds, and taking measures in real-time. "The challenge is to decipher the complexity of events linked to a fraud case in its first stage and to make the connections between apparently insignificant individual events visible, explains Dr. Ralf Hundhammer, Head of Research & Development at TONBELLER. Once the software detects a suspicious pattern, this information triggers an immediate alert. The attacked company may now respond appropriately and stop the execution and concealment of the fraud. If required, this defense mechanism may also be triggered automatically by Siron®FD/R.

Siron®FD/R – Product Highlights

  • Powerful protection against the most various fraud crimes
  • Real-time analysis of data and matching with stored customer profiles
  • Graphical representation of relation networks
  • Numerous predefined check scenarios for fraud patterns
  • Straight-forward adjustment of the risk-based check strategy to new fraud typologies
  • High capability of integration with existing system environments

Cybercrime on the Rise
Current studies confirm that one out of three companies has already suffered from criminal attacks. Though the average damage of a single cyber-attack amounts to 150,000 USD, almost a quarter of all fraud cases exceed 1 million USD.

"Companies who want to succeed in the fight against cybercrime must take a holistic look at this issue," says Torsten Mayer, Chief Executive Officer at TONBELLER. "Today, software solutions are required that cover every single aspect – from the individual risk analysis and fraud detection in real-time to integrated dashboards for the active management of fraud risks. This is the only way to increase compliance efficiency, minimize risks, and provide governance options at the same time."  

Siron®FD/R Roadshow through Europe
Fraud or Compliance Officers and IT managers may shortly get to know Siron®FD/R in detail. On October 2014, TONBELLER will be hitting the road with its new solution to present the capabilities of Siron®FD/R to the public.

Please find further information on dates, locations, and the agenda at the events section.