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Publication: Real-time Control for the mastering of complexity

Bensheim, 5th May 2010 – Dealing with growing complexity is the greatest challenge of management in the 21st century. Only those organizations will be permanently successful that deal with the diversity and the accelerating rate of change in an intelligent way to create and secure competitive advantages. Therefore organizations must operate in real-time: Real-time information and real-time control are principles of effectiveness and flexible functionality. They belong to the secrets of evolutionary flexibility and adaptiveness.

In his book Dr. Sebastian Hetzler illustrates clearly and practically how these principles can be used for the functioning of organizations and the vast effectiveness they gain from this.

Dr. Hetzler has been Member of the Board of management of TONBELLER AG since 2008 and is responsible for the "Management Solutions" business unit.

The book "Real-Time-Control für das Meistern von Komplexität" has been published in the Malik Edition by Campus-Verlag (available only in German).

The book contains 220 pages and can be obtained at a price of € 49,90 (incl. taxes).