Printec Group Romania & TONBELLER Receive the Romanian eSecurity Award | FICO TONBELLER

Printec Group Romania & TONBELLER Receive the Romanian eSecurity Award

On the evening of January 29, 2015 in a Gala event organized by Finmedia Publishing, Printec Group Romania was awarded with the e-Security prize for the launch of Siron®FD/R, an anti-fraud software solution by TONBELLER that detects and prevents real-time situations of fraud in the banking system.

The award was received by Printec Group’s Gabriel Rusu, Business and Enterprise Software Consultant in front of an audience of 100 guests from the banking and ICT sector. Gabriel Rusu was also among the distinguished speakers in the panel discussion on “Remote banking vs. Front Office”, covering the topic on how a compliance solution can help banks prevent money laundering and fraud either in a front office (teller desk) position or in the e-banking channel, providing evidence on how strongly positioned the Siron® solutions are in this fight.

More specifically, the Siron®FD/R solution provides new options for Fraud and Compliance Officers for early and better detection of fraudulent actions, by analyzing in real-time various suspicious transactions and processes enabling their early prevention – before the damage occurs.
Current studies* confirm that one out of three companies has already suffered from criminal attacks. Although the average damage of a single cyber-attack amounts to 150,000 USD, almost a quarter of all fraud cases exceed 1 million USD.

Software solutions such as Siron®, that cover every single aspect – from the individual risk analysis and fraud detection in real-time to integrated dashboards for the active management of fraud risks – are the most eligible to assist organizations succeed in their fight against cybercrime by providing a holistic view of the fraud issues.

Printec is a certified Sales & Implementation Partner of TONBELLER for South-East Europe.